How to write a Research Paper Title Page

You’ll successfully create a paper when you execute each and every step is carefully. In this article, you will learn how to write a research paper title page. The research paper’s title page is a crucial component since it contains important information regarding the paper’s title, authors, affiliations, and other pertinent facts. However, the following instructions will show you how to create a research paper title page that complies with accepted formatting standards like those from the American Psychological Association (APA) or the Modern Language Association (MLA). Because different writing styles could have different specifications, be careful to check with your teacher or the publication rules you are following. 

APA Title Page Format:

Title: The heading of your research paper should be bold, capitalize the first letter of each important word, and be in the center of the page.

Write the authors’ names in the following format under the title: “First Name Initial(s) Last Name.” If there are several writers, use commas to separate them.

Institutional Affiliation: List the institution(s) or the department & school where the research was carried out below the author(s). In fact, use superscript numerals to connect contributors to their respective affiliations if there are several affiliations.

Running Head: Place a condensed version of the paper’s title at the top left corner of the page (no more than 50 characters, including spaces). It’s referred to as a “running head.” Ensure that it is written in capital letters.

Page Number: Finally, place the this digit (usually “1” for the title page) in the top right corner of the page. It needs to be positioned to the right.

Title Page Example APA Style 

  • Title of Your Research Paper
  • Students Name
  • Your University
  • Author Note (if applicable)

APA Format Title Page:

Title: In plain text with no bold or italics, center the title of the research paper on the page. Put the title case.

Author(s): List the author(s) after the title in the following format: “First Name Last Name.”

Instructor’s Name: Write your instructor’s name after the author(s).

Give the name and course number of the course after the name of the instructor.

Date: Include the paper’s due date after the course details.

Example of a Title Page in MLA Format:

  • Title of Your Research Paper
  • Your Name
  • Instructor’s Name
  • Course Name/Number
  • Due Date

Next, keep in mind that these are only basic recommendations for title pages; particular specifications may change in accordance with the publication style or the preferences of your instructor.

Always check your institution’s or the publisher’s style manual for any additional requirements or formatting differences.

Research Paper Title Page Example

Sometimes we need a sample to push us towards the right direction in writing a good research paper. You’ll see the following components on a research paper‘s title page:

The research paper’s title should be succinct, informative, and pertinent to the subject of the study.

Name of Author(s): Indicate which authors contributed to the study. If there are many authors, list them according to the journal’s requirements or in order of contribution.

Include the author(s)’ institutional affiliation(s) in your reference list. This usually comprises the institution’s name, the department it belongs to, and the city or state.

If applicable, state the name of the department, course, or program for which you wrote the study paper.

Name of the Instructor: If you wrote the research paper for a class, mention the professor’s or the instructor’s name.

Date: Indicate the day that you finished the research work or turned in.

Here is an illustration of a title page for a research paper:


|                   Research Paper Title                  |

|                                                         |

|                 Author: John A. Smith                   |

|               Affiliation: University of XYZ             |

|               Department: Department of Science          |

|          Course: Advanced Research Methods (AR101)      |

|            Instructor: Dr. Jane Doe                      |

|                     Date: September 19, 2023             |



These samples are pretty standard and should work for you. However, be aware that depending on the college or university you attend or the publication you are sending the research paper to, the precise formatting and style specifications for a title page may change. Also, always adhere to the instructions given by the instructor or the magazine you are sending it to.

APA Research Paper Title Page Example

See to it that you are keen on the kind of style that you’ll choose to write your paper in. You’ll only see the following components on a research paper’s title page in APA format:

The paper’s title should be center-aligned at the top of the page, bold, title case, with all major words capitalized, and neither italicized nor underlined.

Author’s Name: Centered underneath the title, capitalized, and unadorned with any credentials. If there are several authors, list them alphabetically, space them out with commas, and place an ampersand (&) before the name of the final author.

Institutional Affiliation: Center this underneath the author(s)’ names, identifying the institution where you carried out the study or the author(s)’ affiliation.

Running Head: In the top left corner, type the title of the paper in a condensed form (up to 50 characters, with spaces). The running head on pages after this is this.

Include the page number in the upper right corner, beginning with the title page as page 1.

The APA title page ought to look something like this:

Title of the Paper

Author’s Name

Institutional Affiliation

Running Head: SHORTENED TITLE (Up to 50 Characters)

Page 1

Please be aware that the precise material and format may differ based on the requirements of your particular institution or any APA style changes that have been made following my latest knowledge update in September 2021.

For precise formatting instructions, always consult the most recent edition of the APA style handbook or the rules established by your institution.

How to Write a Research Paper for a Literature Review

Indeed, an important step in the research process is to compose a literature review for a research paper. It entails critically evaluating and synthesizing previous research and academic literature on the subject of your choice. Further, a step-by-step tutorial for creating a literature review for your research paper is provided below:

  • Establish Your Scope:

You need to clearly state the scope and goals of your literature review. What particular research issue or issue are you trying to solve? What are the main ideas or subjects you want to investigate? Again, you can focus your search by establishing a specific objective.

  • Make a Thorough Literature Search:

Start by looking for pertinent material in libraries, academic databases, and other trustworthy sources. Also, use search terms and keywords associated with the subject of your study.

Keep track of the databases you used and the search phrases you used when planning your search strategy.
Choose Reliable Sources:

  • Search results should be reviewed, and sources should be chosen that are specifically relevant to your research question and goals. Scholarly publications, reports, conference papers, books, and those are a few examples of thesis sources. Make sure your sources are reliable and up to date.
    Get Your Sources in Order:

Make a methodical plan for arranging the sources you have chosen. To maintain your citations and build a bibliography, you can use bibliographic software like EndNote or Zotero.

  • Study & Analyze:

After reading each source carefully, list its main conclusions, supporting points, methods, and contribution to the field. The literature should be noted for any trends, patterns, or gaps.

  • Establish an Outline:

Create a logical structure for your literature review. Based on the themes or categories that surface from your reading and analysis, create an outline with headings and subheadings.

  • Write a review of the literature:

Introduce your issue and how it relates to your research before beginning to write your literature review. Explain to your readers the significance of this literature review and how it fits into the larger context of your research article.
Depending on which makes the best sense for your topic, group your sources either chronologically or thematically to organize your evaluation.
Discuss the conclusions, justifications, and techniques of the sources you’ve compiled inside each area.
Analyzing critically is important.

In the literature, draw attention to any gaps that your study attempts to fill.

  • Cite Your Sources

Use a consistent citation format (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago) to correctly reference all the sources you use in your literature review.

  • Connect and synthesize:

Synthesize the findings from several sources in your discussion and bring out any recurring themes, patterns, or opposing points of view.
Explain how the literature contributes to your study by relating it to your research question.

  • Edit and Revision:

For the sake of order, consistency, and clarity, proofread and update your literature review. Make sure the transitions between your sentences are seamless.

  • Conclusion:

Your literature review should end with a summary of the major findings, a discussion of the literature’s importance in relation to your study, and suggested research directions.

  • Formatting

The formatting and style requirements of your school or the journal where you intend to publish your research paper should be followed when writing your literature review.
To get feedback

Also, be open to receiving criticism and suggestions for improvement, discuss your literature review with coworkers, mentors, or peers.
Besides, always keep in mind that a strong literature review should show that you are aware of the research that has already been done on the subject at hand and lay the groundwork for your own contributions. Additionally, it must be clear, organized, and original.


How to Make a Title Page for a Research Paper

The process for How to write a Research Paper Title Page and actually creating a title page is rather simple, and it usually adheres to particular formatting requirements based on the citation style you’re using (for example, APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.). I’ll give you a broad plan for writing a title page below:

Title Page Components

The title of your essay should succinctly and clearly describe the subject of your research. Besides, it should be in title case, with all key words capitalized, and centered.

Writer’s Name The title should be followed by your entire name, centered. Usually, it is displayed using a common typeface like Times New Roman or Arial.

Institutional Affiliation: List the name of the educational organization you attend (such as your university or college) after your name. Moreover, this also has to be in the middle.

The name of the instructor, the course name and number, and the date (often the submission or due date) may all be included, if appropriate. These particulars are frequently placed at the bottom of the title page, in the center.

Running Head (for APA style): When you’re using APA style, you might need to include a running head in the page header (a condensed form of your title). Moreover, it should be written in capital and left justified. However, a running head is not necessary for every research study.

Formatting Advice

Indeed, set the font size to 12 points and use a conventional font (such as Times New Roman or Arial).

Every text on the title page should be double-spaced.

All page elements should be centered.

The recommended page margins are one inch (2.54 cm) on both sides.

Title needs to stand out from the rest of the text by being bolded or using a slightly bigger font size.

Examples of Citations 

Also, here are some illustrations of how a title page may appear in various citation formats:

APA Format:

Title of the Paper


Your Institutional Affiliation

Course Name and Number

Instructor’s Name


MLA Style

Your Name

Instructor’s Name

Course Title


Chicago Style

Title of the Paper

Your Name

Institutional Affiliation

Course Name and Number

Instructor’s Name


Please keep in mind that these are only basic recommendations; for any particular requirements, you should always refer to the style manual or instructions given by your school or instructor. Furthermore, the formatting specifications used by various institutions or publications may differ. Besides, this is important when you’re trying to figure out how to write a research paper title page.

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