Economics Term Paper

As an economics student, you will ultimately be required learn how to write an economics term paper. There are numerous subjects that you can research in the realm of economics. The following are some typical economics topics:

Macroeconomics: The study of the entire economy, covering issues like GDP, inflation, unemployment, and monetary and fiscal policy.

The study of particular marketplaces and how supply and demand impact prices and quantities is known as microeconomics.

Trade, exchange rates, and international economic integration are examples of topics in international economics.

Focusing on employment, wages, and workforce dynamics is labor economics.

Environmental Economics: Examining the financial implications of environmental problems like resource management, pollution, and climate change.

Development Economics: The study of poverty, inequality, and economic growth as they relate to various regions’ and nations’ economic development.

Examining the psychological elements that affect economic decision-making is behavioral economics.

concentrating on the financial aspects of healthcare and healthcare policy.

Financial Economics:

Covering areas like risk management, financial markets, and investment.

  • Analyzing market structure, competitiveness, and antitrust issues is what industrial organization does.
  • Following your selection of an area or topic within economics, you can begin by:
  • Creating a thesis statement or research question that is obvious.
  • Analyzing the literature to comprehend the body of knowledge on the subject you have chosen.
  • Data collection (if required) or data analysis.
  • Creating a thesis or argument based on your findings. Including an opening, literature review, methods, results,
  • Discussion, and conclusion in the structure of your work.
  • Utilizing a recognized citation format (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago) to correctly credit your sources.
  • Ensuring that your essay is clear, coherent, and accurate by editing and proofreading it.

Economics Term Paper Topics

Analyze how the COVID-19 epidemic has affected the global economy, including how the government has responded, how consumer behavior has changed, and what the future of work may look like.

The relationship between income disparity and economic growth should be examined, as should the possibility that reducing inequality might promote economic growth.

Examine the financial effects of climate change, particularly the expenses associated with mitigation and adaptation measures.

Examine the effects of the gig economy on traditional employment, earnings, and job security. The Gig Economy and Labor Market Dynamics.

Trade Policies and Their Economic Consequences: Consider the trade policies of a particular nation or region and their economic repercussions, or consider how protectionism affects global commerce.

Examine the financial aspects of healthcare systems, for instance the American healthcare system or universal healthcare programs in other nations.

Investigate the principles of behavioral economics and how they are used in public policy, like “nudging” people to make wiser financial decisions.

The Functions and Policies of Central Banks, such as the Federal Reserve, and Their Impact on Monetary Policy and

Economic Stability:

Examine the role of central banks in the economy.

Learn about the economic effects of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and their potential to upend established financial structures.

Examine how urbanization and economic development are related, paying particular attention to concerns with city planning, housing, and infrastructure.

Investigate the economic aspects that have an impact on education, such as how educational investments affect people’s potential earnings.

Examine the financial effects of global supply chain interruptions and the lessons that may be drawn from occurrences like the Suez Canal blockade or semiconductor shortages.

Examine the market dominance and antitrust issues of significant tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Monopoly and Competition in the Tech Industry.

Analyze the potential and problems brought on by the aging populations in developed countries, taking into account worker demographics, healthcare expenses, and pension plans.

Consider your interests as well as the information and research materials that are readily available when choosing a topic. It’s a good idea to speak with your instructor as well to make sure that your selected. This is so as to ensure that the topic aligns with the guidelines and objectives of your course.

Economics Term Paper Example

Here’s an example of how to format a term paper in economics with a possible subject: “The Impact of Minimum Wage Increases on Employment in the United States.”


Increasing the minimum wage’s effect on labor in the US


Give a succinct synopsis of your research, major discoveries, and conclusions.

1. Inauguration

Describe the study’s history and setting.

Clearly define the research hypothesis or inquiry.

Describe the study’s importance and how it relates to economics.

Literature Review

Write a summary of the subject’s previous research.

Discuss many hypotheses and viewpoints regarding how the minimum wage affects employment.

Find any gaps or disagreements in the literature.


Discuss the data sources and analysis methodology employed.
Describe how you gathered and examined information on employment rates and changes in the minimum wage.
Discuss any statistical methods or models that were employed.

Information and Analysis:

Describe the facts and research results.
To depict trends and relationships, use graphs, tables, and statistical analysis.
If applicable, consider how raising the minimum wage may affect employment across various industries or locations.


Interpret your analysis’ findings.
Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of your approach.
Discuss any surprising results and possible causes.

Implications for Policy:

Examine the effects of your conclusions on economic policy.
Discuss possible minimum wage policy ideas.


Explain the main conclusions and their effects.
Give a brief summary of the study topic and the findings.
Think about the study’s overall relevance.


Using a standard citation format (such as APA, MLA, or Chicago), list all the references and works cited in your article.

Include any extra information, graphs, or supporting documents that help to explain your analysis.
Always adhere to the citation guidelines set forth by your school or instructor, and make sure to correctly credit all sources utilized in your paper.

The particular prerequisites and sections may change depending on your instructor’s rules or your schools’ formatting requirements; this is simply a basic layout.

Managerial Economics Term Paper

Management Economics: Examining Smartphone Industry Pricing Strategies

Write a brief summary of your research’s major conclusions and contributions.

1. Inauguration

Describe the subject and its importance in the discipline of managerial economics.
Clearly state the paper’s goals and research question.
Give a brief description of the paper’s structure.
Literature Review

Examine the body of knowledge regarding pricing tactics, market competition, and managerial choices in the smartphone sector.
Talk about relevant economic topics including market structure, game theory, and pricing elasticity.
Find any gaps or disagreements in the literature.
3. Technique:

Give an explanation of the research techniques and data sources you employed.
Describe the methods you used to gather and analyze information on pricing tactics and market trends in the smartphone sector.

Discuss any statistical or econometric models that were used, if any.
Pricing Techniques in the Smartphone Sector:

Give a summary of the various pricing techniques employed by smartphone manufacturers, such as penetration Pricing, value-based pricing, and skimming.
Examine case studies or real-world instances of businesses using these tactics.
5. Market Competition and Structure:

Describe the size and composition of the market for smartphones, as well as entry obstacles and competitive dynamics.
Explain the impact of market structure on price decisions.
Consumer Elasticity and Behavior:

Describe the choices and actions of consumers in the smartphone market.
Examine the impact of price elasticity on pricing decisions.

7. Making Management Decisions:

Analyze the ways in which businesses adjust their pricing in reaction to the market, the competition, and other elements.
Discuss how management economics influenced these choices.

Case studies or empirical analysis, respectively:

Give examples of specific case studies or research results pertaining to pricing tactics in the smartphone business.
To show important points, use tables, charts, and graphs.
9. Discourse

Interpret your analysis’ findings.
Discuss the effects of various pricing methods on the effectiveness, market share, and profitability of the company.
Think about the ways that managers can utilize economic concepts to determine prices in an educated way.

10. Final thoughts

Explain the key conclusions and how they affect managerial economics in the smartphone sector.
Repeat the research topic and the method used to answer it.
Consider the study’s broader business and managerial implications.

Using the correct citation style, list all the references and works that you used to write your essay.
Remember to follow the precise rules and formatting specifications set forth by your school for citations and references, as you would with any academic paper. Additionally, be sure the sources you choose for your research are reliable and current.

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